How To Become Better Player In Episode Choose Your Story


Are you facing too many hurdles in Episode Choose Your Story game? Well, then you need some quality tips and tricks, which will support the users to overcome the hassles without making too many efforts.  First of all, the Episode Choose Your Story game is based on the visual interactive stories, which allows the gamers to play the role of the main role and take a decision on the behalf of the character.  Try to make a better decision and attain celebrity status from all over the world without facing too many hassles.

In addition, there are lots of players who are struggling with earning the in-game resources.  As we know that in-game resources are only the source supports the gamers to move forward without making too many efforts.  Gems and passes are the resources of the game that you need to focus on obtaining them.  Read the …

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An overview about Brawl Star

An overview about Brawl Star

We all know about the popular games like the Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and the Clash Royale and now their developers are back with a new unique game known as the Brawl Star. Brawl star is the 3v3 top-down shooting game. As it is played online so players across the globe can compete here. Whenever you will succeed one level, you automatically unlock upgrades to the brawlers and the new characters and other game modes.

Things that you will discover in this game

Game Modes

The objectives of different modes are different, and there are 4 modes in this game but as the modes are selected at random so you can’t decide which mode you will be playing. The various modes are discussed below:

  • Smash & Grab: Here each team will have to grab crystals from the middle of the map
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What is Coin Master and how is it more popular than other game?


Let’s find out

There’s no doubt that Coin Master is one of the most popular game among all other games in Android and iOS platforms. Top most reviewed game on iOS this game developed by Moonactive. It’s a simple and catchy game for every player who likes to play on mobile. Fact about this game is it was recognized after five years of release and later viral everywhere on social media.

Concept of play

Spin the circle – This game based on building village feature from loot and coins. Free spins are available after a particular time period. Make sure you build your village strong with guards, shields and take revenge if rival attacks on your village. More coins you earn higher your village get stronger. Coins are the main resource of game, earn it through spin the circle and you can also use coin master free spins

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Top 3 Tips and Tricks for NBA Live Mobile


NBA Live Mobile is the game in which players have to play the basketball matches to go far in it. There are many interesting features present in the game which players have to understand properly and then play it properly. They only have to know every basic thing about the game to play it properly. Players should make use of NBA Live Mobile hack or cheats to achieve anything.

These cheats and hack option make the same game easier for you. Not only is this, in the same game there is lots of in-game currency present which players have to earn in order to buy the in-game items easily. Some of the main things about NBA Live Mobile are mentioned below, and all players should know about them –

•         Concentrate on gameplay – It means that players need to pay more attention to the gameplay and then …

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Want To Become A Good Player In WWE Mayhem? Focus On The Gameplay!


There is no doubt in the fact that players are facing lots of complications while playing WWE Mayhem. You can see that majority of players are not performing well due to the lack of in-game resources. They should always try out the best methods to obtain enough currency in the game which will also help them to make progress faster.  There are plenty of ways present to earn currencies or other resources so you should check them out to make your task easier. With the help of different methods present in the game, you can obtain enough currency that can be used for various purposes in the game. You may also know the fact that you can’t take part in events without paying the in-game currencies. You can earn currencies by playing matches, by numerous ways and also WWE Mayhem Cheats.

Open the game every day

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Most important things of the game SimCity Buildit! Two mentioned and explained

Many people go here and there to get decent fun in life to get refresh altogether. Refreshments in life are equally important to handle things more smartly. Mobile games are one such source which can be used to get an update for the upcoming challenges of the experience. You can now download any of the game you wanted to download in the mobile. Play SimCity Buildit game if you love to play some building and strategy games. There is a decent help also available in the shape of SimCity Buildit Hack to get proper support in playing the game beautifully.

Use all the instruction given below to play the game entirely on mobile phones. Don’t miss even a single thing to handle the tasks of the game.

Use the items

To build a beautiful city in the game, you need to buy some essential things in the game. …

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Madden NFL Mobile– Best Combination Of Exclusive Gameplay With Fantastic Features

Popularity of Madden NFL Mobile is mushrooming day by day only because of is marvelous features. Well, people are getting attach with this game only because of its exclusive gameplay. Well, you can play offensive with abilities in order to build the team around. Players can compete with friends in arena H2h or Madden NFL Overdrive and high score. Instead of this, you will get chance to help others with co-op assist as you have already defined the NFL journey in the great and competitive gameplay. In this article, you will read some great facts about the game.

Begin the journey to super bowl

It is possible to select the NFL franchise and also take over as the GM. Now you can use the social networking account for attaching with the game in order to play the tournaments and other things. It is possible to play with the …

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Golf Clash: A golf game with 5 highlights


A Golf Clash is one of the best games that provide the real-life experience of playing the golf. The game developed by PLaydemic Ltd. for Android and iOS platforms. Most of the time, the player will get several benefits in playing. Moreover, the player will get the opportunity to invite friends and play the match. Here it generates the interest because the players will make a match with their friends. They make several strategies and try to win the game for winning the rewards.

For playing the game more effective one can attain a higher rate of coins built those who are not able to achieve enough coins then they can take help from Golf Clash Hack 2019.


•         As it provides the real-life experience so the player will enjoy the game with full interest and play the game with some authentic features.

•         In the …

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SimCity Buildit – How to Earn Currency?

Well, currency in SimCity Buildit is present in 3 types. All these 3 types of currencies play an important role. Also, these different types of currencies are used in different tasks and activities. Before going to meet with the types of currencies and their uses and earning process, one should know all the essential things that relate to it.

It means that in SimCity Buildit, there are lots of classic features present such as in-app purchases feature, lots of objectives and events, many more exciting tasks, etc. Players have to perform all essential tasks and activities to earn a huge amount of currency and to make quick progress in SimCity Buildit.

Methods to earn currency in SimCity Buildit

Below are the main ways, or you can say methods which help you in earning currencies in all forms. Before it, you should know that the currency in the game …

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3 main aspects of My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

We have played several managing games now we want something new. So here is a game known as My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. Here the player will meet with several aspects like managing, decorating, serving and many others. The main motive of the player is to manage all the things systematically. All the elements of the game are based on the player how he/she work. Most of the time the players need some coins for buying some goods for decorating or managing but unfortunately of they will not get that much amount of money then they can take the help my cafe recipes & stories hack.

Eatery game simulation

With My Cafe, you can possess and grow a coffeehouse or an eatery you had always wanted. Decorate your café as you wish, contract and train staff, settle on bistro menu things and even set costs as you …

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